IUMRS Membership

IUMRS welcomes members in the categories of Adhering Body or Professional Associate.   In both cases, we seek to strengthen and foster the global development of interdisciplinary materials research, and the accompanying communications among researchers, their institutions, their peers in related disciplines, and the external community of current and prospective beneficiaries of application of our scientific discoveries and knowledge. 

In general, Adhering Bodies are independently functioning associations whose individual members are basic or applied researchers and scholars and students.  Each such Society usually hosts technical conferences, and tutorial events, and maintains a periodical news-letter, an awards program, and perhaps other professional publications.  Often, student-run activities are supported.  And outreach activities may be organized to foster connections with the public sector. Naturally, Adhering Bodies contribute enthusiasm and ideas and intellectual support to the IUMRS and its mission to advance the professional success and public understanding of interdisciplinary Materials research, world-wide. 

Adhering Bodies engage with IUMRS planning, activities and governance, and each is encouraged to participate in the annual General Assembly, where issues of policy, budget and joint events are reported and discussed and voted upon.   Each Member participates in one of five categories, having corresponding voting power and annual financial responsibility.  The category reflects the level of obligation desired by the Member and approved by the General Assembly.  Change of category may be requested by the Member, and approved by the General Assembly.  Details are shown in the following chart.