Adhering Body

Application for Admission to Full Membership of IUMRS

The IUMRS welcomes the participation of qualified organizations world-wide that share the ideals and mission of the IUMRS with enthusiasm, dedication and ability.  The objectives of the IUMRS are described in Article 1.B of the Statutes.

An application for membership by a candidate organization should be submitted initially to the Chair of the Commission on Membership (see below).  The Commission will review the application, and if necessary assist the applicant to address all requirements for approval.  The final official application package will then be forwarded, with the Commission recommendation, to the IUMRS President and Secretary, to be considered for acceptance by the IUMRS General Assembly.  (A simple majority of allocated votes is required).

The request for IUMRS membership should include the following items:

  • Name, affiliation, contact details for the organization’s President and the submitting person, and date of submission.
  • A copy of the Charter or Constitution or Statutes of the organization. The document should include the organization’s statement of purpose, and describe its structure of administrative, financial and legal responsibilities. The organization must have been established and active for at least two years prior to its admission to join IUMRS. 
  • A statement of the category of IUMRS membership requested.   (See Statutes, Article II A .5)  
  • A description of previous activities of the candidate organization (e.g. meetings organized or sponsored, awards programs, publications, outreach, etc.).  Please send typical descriptive literature or internet links.
  • A description of the geographic and/or national boundaries of the region primarily served by that organization, including some brief information on current and likely future relationships with organizations in neighboring regions.
  • A description of the membership of the applicant organization. This should include a statement of the approximate number of individual members, and a description of how an individual may formally become a member of that organization. 
  • Participation in the IUMRS shall be in one of several categories, with corresponding voting powers and financial obligations associated with each category, as detailed below.
Category of Participation
Number of Votes in General Assembly
Number of Unit Contributions per year
nominal fee

The category of participation is subject to approval for each Adhering Body by the General Assembly.  The amount of the “Unit Contribution” is currently set at $1,000.

Informal correspondence prior to the formal preparation of the application package is encouraged.

Interested materials research societies may contact the following for more details and advices. 

Chair, IUMRS Commission on
Membership Affairs