General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest governing body of IUMRS. Please refer to IUMRS Governance for roles and functions of the GA.

The annual meeting is usually held immediately before ICAM/ICEM, at the venue of ICAM/ICEM or virtually.

The following are information of some recent GA meetings and major decisions made at these meetings.

To be held later in 2021.
Due to Covid-19, the 2020 GA was postponed to 2021 and it was held through Zoom on 26 February 2021. The meeting was mainly to review progress and update IUMRS activities. Also, it approved a statement of IUMRS gender equity and diversity policy. A working party was established to look into a possible review of IUMRS governance
The 2019 IUMRS General Assembly meeting was held on 29 May at Foyer Hermes, First Floor, Acropolis Congress Centre, Nice, France, in conjunction with IUMRS-ICAM which was jointly held with the E-MRS Spring meeting from 27 to 31 May 2019 at the same venue.
The 2018 IUMRS General Assembly meeting was held on 19 August at Daejeon Convention Center, Daejeon, South Korea, in conjunction with IUMRS-ICEM which was organized by MRS Korea at the same venue from 20 to 24 August 2018. At this meeting, it was decided (i) to take steps to relocate the business operations office from Northwestern University to a new home that meets IUMRS criteria; (ii) to establish Regional offices of IUMRS in Europe, in the Americas and in Asia, with roles to be defined between the IUMRS EC and the respective host society; (iii) move the IUMRS business operations office to Beijing for two years (January 2019 to December 2020) and subsequently to Singapore (from January 2021), and the financial operations of IUMRS to Singapore from January 2019, to be managed through the entity IUMRS-SG. The IUMRS regional office in Asia will be set up in Singapore.