President's Message

Dear all

Advanced materials, advanced functionality, and novel applications are at the heart of the innovations of today and tomorrow. The lessons taken from pandemic times is that world-wide interactions, supply channels and added-value chains imply that we must think globally while acting locally to promote science and technology network, to preserve our sustainable environment demands.

One major lesson learned is that solutions to impact in welfare and comfort of citizens crosscutting different sectors will depend on materials as activators and in the construction of a more resilient economy by guaranteeing raw materials supplies, by higher materials durability, higher degrees of materials re-cycling and re-use, by materials-saving products “by design”, and by enhanced repair; digital computing materials and exploitation of knowledge and data base, exploiting Artificial Intelligent tools. Moreover, science and ethics in science will help us to recreate our main paradigm!

We strongly believe in the paradigm “Open to the world”, and support globalization with global sourcing, global co-operation, and global associations. Therefore, all the actions listed before have to be thought as parts of a common house where the central vector are humans that require safety, comfort and welfare from a society that may require different types of organizations and demands. Therefore, science and technology should not be just focused on how economy can growth but how this can be done in a better harmonious society that is looking after the realization of demands not focus on an activator himself but in a common house that should sustain all innovation we are looking and seeking for our progress.

The International Union of Materials Research Societies aims to be the place of this common house, where global interested, translated by its 14 adhering bodies, representing the best that has been doing in Materials worldwide as societies are concerned, representing global researchers, via Materials Research Societies from Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Russia.

We aim, through our events, conferences, education for young programs and awards, our contributions to the International Scientific Committee of UNESCO and to IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) to bring together brilliant minds from all over the world in a creative and stimulating environment. By doing so, we aiming to promote networking and accelerating progress towards a connected, sustainable future for all.


A tight hug to all


Rodrigo Martins


Professor Rodrigo Martins

President of IUMRS