IUMRS Commissions

Commission on Awards

The Commission on Awards will consider the widest variety of appropriate awards that might be sponsored by IUMRS and make recommendations to the General Assembly. It will consider specific proposals for new awards from Adhering Bodies and other members of the materials research community. It will evaluate both the character of the proposed awards in terms of their purpose and the qualifications of recipients as well as means to fund costs associated with the awards. The Commission will oversee and manage existing IUMRS awards by being responsible for announcements, specification of information to be supplied with nominations, collection and organization of nominations, protection of the confidentiality of the process, arrangements for the appropriate panel to review and vote on the nominees, notification of the Executive Council of the results, preparation of materials to be presented to the recipient, and planning of award presentation ceremonies. Implementation of the Commission’s operational responsibilities may be delegated to the General Secretary as appropriate.

Commission on Meetings & Conferences

The Commission on Meetings and Conferences is responsible for reviewing proposals for co-sponsorship or endorsement of meetings by IUMRS. The Commission will propose standard criteria for co-sponsorship and endorsement of meetings to the General Assembly, monitor the effectiveness of these criteria, and propose revisions as needed. The Commission will receive, solicit as needed, and package for presentation to the General Assembly one or more proposals for the hosting of each IUMRS sponsored international meeting at least two years in advance of the date of the respective meetings. This Commission will study and present proposals for new meeting formats and meeting collaborations as may be received externally or suggested by the General Assembly or Executive Council.

Commission on Membership Affairs

The Commission on Membership Affairs will review applications from organizations wishing to join IUMRS; assist prospective applicants with information and advice, in order to facilitate satisfying IUMRS membership criteria; recommend those applicants whose applications satisfy all IUMRS criteria, for Adhering Body membership to the General Assembly for acceptance; and assist and advise the General Assembly on matters relating to Adhering Body qualification criteria, appropriate categories of affiliation, and the smooth functioning of the application process itself. This Commission will also from time to time study issues of possible restructuring of IUMRS to achieve efficient governance of the Union and equitable representation of existing and new Adhering Bodies, as well as of any additional organizations that may become otherwise affiliated in with the Union, and will accordingly present findings and make recommendations to the General Assembly.

Commission on Publications

The Commission on Publications of the IUMRS is responsible for assessing, recommending, and implementing activities of the Union associated with communications to its intended international constituency, which spans members of the science, technology and policy communities with interests in or influence over materials research and researchers. The Commission is expected to consider both print and electronic communications of the Union, their interrelationship, and their coordination with activities of the Union’s Adhering Bodies. On behalf of the IUMRS Executive Council, the Commission is also charged with monitoring editorial and fiscal performance of IUMRS publications and interactions with public media, and periodically reporting to the Executive Council through the General Secretary. Subject to guidance from Union leadership, the Commission’s activities should be aimed at increasing the value of the Union to its Adhering Bodies and to promoting and enhancing the role of the Union in materials research related international affairs, both in regions currently served and yet to be served by its Adhering Bodies.

Commission on Development

The IUMRS Commission on Development, chartered in October 2015, is charged with proposing, initiating and collaborating in new and expanded IUMRS projects and activities that serve the Adhering Bodies of the Union and deliver greater value to the materials community as a whole. This role will require strong collaboration with the other IUMRS Commissions when new activities include meetings beyond current formats and topics, additional publications, and filling the ranks of IUMRS associate and affiliate partners. Outreach through many channels to potential participants in and sponsors of an expanding IUMRS will be the primary goal of this Commission.